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* This tool is 100% anonymous. The person you want to spy on will never know your phone number.

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Comments from Users

These are some of the experiences of users who have used the tool to spy WhatsApp phone numbers. If you want to send yours, use the contact form.

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Catherine Bishop

I finally found a tool to spy WhatsApp that works well! I was able to spy on my boyfriend's conversations and found that he was cheating me :(

Foto usuario

Jessie Adams

Wow! It really works. I put my husband's phone number and saw all his whatsapp. I discovered things that I did not know ...

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Juani Lagosta

This tool is 100% effective. Enter WhatsApp Web and download all the content of the conversations: chats, photos, videos, audios etc.

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Julia Petersen

Excellent tool! I put my sister's phone number and I spied whatsapp, what I could see afterwards left me shocked


How does it work

How to Hack WhatsApp?

Hack WhatsApp is totally and never has been easier than ever. On your online website you can hack whatsapp anonymously and without having the cell phone of the person you need to spy on. You just have to get the phone number, and so you can access WhatsApp Web and download all the chats, photos, audios, videos and contacts of that person, regardless of whether the chats are archived. Any use that you make with this tool falls on the responsibility that you make, and in this way we do not take charge of the most use you make with other people. Our system is compatible with: Android, iPhone, Windows or Mac and Windows Phone.

To use the tool you must enter the phone number of WhatsApp (you can enter it often, with spaces or with dashes) that you want to spy where it says "Write here the phone number". Then you must select the country to which the phone number belongs and automatically recognize the associated prefix. Once done, click on HACKING WHATSAPP. This will start the WhatsApp spying process that will last about 10-15 seconds. You do not need to do anything else the system will run automatically. Once completed, the QR code validation screen will be displayed for 2 seconds. When the temporary QR code is validated (automatically) you will reach the last step of the process. In this step the information obtained from the spied WhatsApp will be shown: name of the generated file, size of the file, date of creation and obtained information. The file with the information is automatically uploaded to a download server and has a validity time of 5 minutes. You must take action before the waiting time expires and click on DOWNLOAD ARCHIVE, maybe you should create an account on the download server (free) if in the case you are still registered, and then proceed to download the .zip file on your device (computer, tablet or mobile).

With our system you can have all the control of your friends' chat, love and work. You can also spy on WhatsApp of your partner, your children, your boss, your employees, etc. Nowadays, this is the best way to discover infidelities in pairs according to expert experts. This tool accesses the conversations history of the victim through WhatsApp Web, get the data saved in a compressed file (.zip) and upload them to a secure download server. To download the file with the data obtained, it is necessary to create a free account to verify that the person who enters our system is not a robot. Once the file is downloaded, you can access the chats whenever you want, without having to be connected to the Internet.

Show system access directly from WhatsApp Web through a temporary QR code. This code has a limited duration to access the chat, multiple codes can be generated by analyzing the generation pattern. The process of spying the WhatsApp of another person is done in a completely invisible way, not knowing the other person, that they have spied on WhatsApp (ghost mode). In addition, we have TLS certificate with SHA-256 encryption, so all the actions that are performed in our application, are fully supported.

There are other similar tools, but this is 100% online and connects directly with: web.whatsapp.com, managing to connect with the user's data almost instantly, without installing programs. This tool allows you to hack someone else's WhatsApp without you knowing. It is not necessary to have programming knowledge since this tool has an intuitive graphic interface for the user. Tools that we do not recommend to spy on WhatsApp, because they do not work, are: Master Spy, WhatsApp Spy, WhatsApp Sniffer, Hoverwatch, Spyzie, WhatsDog, Cell Hack, Spy WA etc.

Due to the effectiveness of the tool, we can not guarantee that it will be available for a long time, since WhatsApp is doing everything possible to cover the security hole as soon as possible. This failure of whatsapp has not been made public and therefore we must take advantage of it. We recommend using our site to hack WhatsApp with all confidence since we have the highest security, do it now and do not wait for another day. We are updating the tool on a weekly basis to ensure correct operation whenever someone uses it.

The use of this tool is a double-edged sword, because just as you can spy on another person's WhatsApp, another person can spy on yours as well. That is why we recommend not making compromising conversations through this page.

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Spying WhatsApp

The WhatsApp phone number is being spied on

0% Completed

Wait until the process has finished completely in about 10-15 seconds

  1. Connecting with WhatsApp Web: web.whatsapp.com
  2. Associating the phone number
  3. Looking for vulnerability in the web application
  4. Vulnerability found in the temporary QR code
  5. Authenticating the phone number with WhatsApp Web
  6. Getting chats, pictures, audios, videos and contacts
  7. WhatsApp spied on, accessing WhatsApp Web...

To use WhatsApp on your computer:

1. Open WhatsApp on your phone

2. Open Menu o Ajustes y selecciona WhatsApp Web

3. Point your phone to this screen to capture the code


Successfully Accessed Whatsapp Files

Ícono ZIP
File Name: Whats.app_id.zip
Size: 47.60MB
Creation date:
The following information has been found:

- Chats: 37
- Photographs: 257
- Audios: 12
- Videos: 35
- Contacts: 354
To avoid robot entries, you MUST complete an offer from the list below. This page is automatically unlocked and the files start in a few seconds to download.